Friday, March 16, 2007

Bariloche, Argentina

The city of Bariloche, Argentina gets so crowded in the summer its hard to move down the sidewalk. So, ignoring the voice in my head that said ´if you rent a car it will probably be robbed from you´ (because that is what happens to me when I travel--things get robbed), I tried anyway and was able to get out of the city for the day. I headed North on the Siete Lagos (seven lakes) route and stopped whenever I saw something I wanted to take a photo of. By midday I was on a random beach with beautiful turqoise water, birds flying overhead and a good book...also on my way to a fantastic sunburn. They were really serious when they said the ozone is thinner down here. Other highlights from this stopover where the nightly performances in the Plaza Grande--one of these photos is of an amazing Argentine folk band...And, I can´t forget to mention the all-day boat trip I took out to the islands. 300 Argentine tourists (mostly toddlers and elderly) and myself. Kind of like trying to get out into nature by going on the Disneyland jungle ride...;)

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