Wednesday, November 08, 2006

to know the joy

but how to let life move me, woo me
without surrendering to its footprint
I make the choice to say,
if I will breathe then I will cry
if I will hope then I will suffer
if I will live then I will die

and may there be more in death of light and living?
then I have yet to shed my eye
on questions which can't be so simple
and hopes that mighn't be so right

invincibility could be my enemy
and power that which keeps me framed
against a landscape of my own choosing--
what is there to fear or amaze?

I choose my own way to burn
in my eyes and in my belly
my last choice--I choose to blaze.

caught alive now
foreign eyes now
delicate new taste

I let my caution and my comfort
offer fodder for the flames
and watch my ashes rise, dance, decide
to settle with the wind
make their peace with winter's sleep
and wed to weathered ground

it seems that all that's left will be a fast and fading fire
but slackened light does not deny
a footprint's steady cry

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