Sunday, October 08, 2006

the road to Maine

October, 2006

Talk to me in a voice deep with color.
dream with me in gold, blue and green.
tell me--please--that you see what I see
and then remind me gently that we can't eat dreams...

walk with me in the tender paradox
in the here, us and always, maybe or the never.
Hold me close to hoping that our God might really be...
as glory-soaked moments pass into marching
and I wonder which is more real: the longing or the loss.

stand with me as we're shaken
as we see that Glory in it's truest form is what we can not know...
hold aloft my chin that quivers from fear of what is silent and is slow
And help me know that knowing is what's done when we let go

of all I can't imagine. of all I can not keep.
my soul is of a fashion made for wholeness
yet my mind, my skin, my spirit keep me out of reach
so I run, race, hesitate--wanting to explode
knowing as I'm knowing nothing that I can't love, nor fade all alone.

What is it you see in me? do you see your tears and your dreams?
the hope that hope in something lasting could be all we really need...
the testing which sings softly, strongly
and refines us as we bleed

our young hearts have much to see--if Light is given our shadow to bloom
If I believe in a life yet coming and you pass the offer of a life too soon.

Laugh with me--as we touch, eat, speak
our thoughts are high and many. but the motion of this moment speaks more loudly than we dream
then colors it the better when we forget what brought us here...
embrace the night and heaven falling, alike on hope and fear.

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