Sunday, September 17, 2006

kite runner

September 19. 2005

Can you sit with your pain, shame? Let it become so much a part of you that you're human again.
Not trying to be God--the One who creates and kills, but Noah--the one who accept his ills.
Can you live with the weight of a dead child on your arms?
Let his blood stain your own. Let it connect you somehow.
Do you know that it changes when the two become one...when you open your veins to the love of a son.
You must scream inside when your jaw's bolted shut--stomach the rage, let it claw at your gut. And you can't see it now in the moment you're in. As the one thing you want is taken away
Each passing minute is stripping off sin. Leaving you nothing to hold to but God.
ashes to ashes and dust to dust
your tears mixing in with the death.
I know you can't see what's moving beyond
but can you believe that life grows on your breath?
Keep breathing brother
even if the one you lost will never sing again.
Be his lungs Be his song
and know that this was in the plan
You have his story still to tell
don't join him til your words are done.

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