Monday, September 11, 2006

inauspicious beginnings

mid-september. 2005

ideas drip
from my lips
forming worlds within my mind
I see a place
where worlds embrace
yet is this fantasy mine, or mine?

the dreamers float
on each new boat
that sets its sail from neverland
and seek all night
the second star from the right
but never wake up to take their stand

Our luxury offers us words to be used not as tools but as frosting. not as bridges but as prisons.
We can commit our time to spinning stories of the hypothetical. ignoring the pitfalls of the actual.
are we making a difference?
am I making a difference?

colleges idealize.
TV news simplifies.
magazine beautifies.
politicians amorphise.

And we live in our word-worlds
of mission statements, guarantees
leases, contracts, doctrines, degrees.
We tell eachother: who we are.
what we believe.
Our brand, our car, our tattoo
says more about us
than our deeds.

And I'm not blaming
but confessing
more conformity than I'd like to admit.
even the counter-culture is a club
each say I ask: where can I sign up?

So am I supposed to do or be
say or do
each week's sermon leaves me stronger confused

how come I feel I had more figured out
when I was five.

1 comment:

matchew said...

because when you are five, you tried to figure out things that could be figured out...