Friday, August 20, 2010

Ioanna's blessings

Tying your hands together:

Shows the unity that you two are committing. Marriage is a sacrament and a miracle in that you enter the church (in your case, your deck) as two seperate beings, and you leave as one, united by God. So tying your two hands together gives this reminder to us that under the eyes of God you are now one whole being.

The honey:

I gave you honey so your marriage is always sweet. There is an underlying theme too: just as the bees work hard in order to produce the sweet honey, you have to constantly be working hard in your marriage so it can always be full of sweetness.

Metal Rod:

I had you stand on the metal rod so your marriage is always strong and tough. (Later your dad told me that it's metal rods just like that, that he used in order to build/ support the deck, which you had the ceremony on- isn't that funny?)


This fruit has many seeds signifying abundance. So I gave it to you in order for the two of you to be prosperous and fruitfull. Traditionally this was given by the mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law before the marriage.


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