Sunday, May 13, 2007

Aldea Maria Reina

So this is the Aldea--the hogar I work in every day...Fotos of a few of the girls and their tía (house mom).
Francisca, who is full of attitude in a really cute way--has a huge crush on Luke, the director of our organization and is constantly giving me notes to pass along to him. (she´s one of my favorites...;)
Tía Estela, who is one of the 4 main tías in the Aldea. There are four hogares, or houses, in the Aldea, each with a morning and an evening tía. (As well there are psychologists, a doctor and other administrators, all of whom are called tías--I am also. it´s basically a sign of respect). This woman is crazy and always entertaining--we get along really well, and she only scares me sometimes ;)
Me with Jocelyn and Francisca again...
Another volunteer, tío Benjamin with Natalia (Nati).

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