Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mi vida en Chile

Some fotos from around the city of Santiago...
The Carabineros van--a green and white staple of Santiago streets. Always present at any political disturbance or flea market selling pirated DVDs.
A colonial building on the Plaza de Armas. Apparently most latin cities were built around a central ´Plaza de Armas´ a legacy of Spanish colonialism. Ours in Santiago is filled with artists painting images of the chilean coastline, tourists gawking upwards at the beautiful buildings and gray-haired men playing chess in the gazebo. Once in awhile there will be a free public concert or a parade wandering through...
A man and his llama meandering through downtown...No, ha, kidding. This is from Pichilemu on the coast. But, it is not at all uncommon to see horse and cart--as an actual means of transportation and hauling equipment--on even the busiest streets of the center. Still throws me to see it.

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